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Product Dojo’s team of product and organization development experts can work with you to improve your organization’s performance. Let us learn about your challenges and produce solutions that will take your teams to the next level.

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A Product Management Community

Product Dojo helps you advance and expand your product management skills. Whether you’re in a product team or work with one, Project Dojo will help you fast track your dream career.

More than 2000 product management professionals from around the world have participated in Product Dojo’s training, conferences, and mentorship programs.

The Product Dojo Community

Product Leaders

Group Product Managers, Product Leaders, Directors of Product, Heads of Product.


Software Engineers, Technical Leads, Heads of Engineering, Chief Technology Officers.


Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Investors, R&D Directors, Innovation Leaders.

Product Managers

Product Managers, Associate Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Product Owners.


Product/service Designers, UX Designers.

Product Experts

Consultants, Ex-product executives. Product Researchers, Growth Executives.

Those that aspire to a product career

MBA graduates, members of product teams, Junior Product Managers.

Our Programs

We provide customized solutions as well as programs that can be applied in diverse organizations. 
Our Product Management Excellence course is a 6-week intensive program that will take you further up the ladder of product management skills and techniques. Available as open-enrollment cohorts or for a specific product team from the same organization – customized to your and your team’s existing level of product management maturity, our course will focus on real-world challenges you and your company are trying to solve.
Want something more bespoke, or a course focused on a specific aspect of product management?

Product Management Masterclass

Do you think that the world of product is for you? Gain core skills, learn proven frameworks, get wiser by using other people’s experience. Be mentored by practitioners and learn on your own cases not only abstract examples.


Our Product Development Days conferences bring together world leading practitioners from the product community to share their expertise with you and others like you. Learn, share with your peers, and develop professional skills that will boost your career.


Find a job in the product world. Get hired as a head of product, product manager, product owner , become more aware of your profile and talents in the product world, explore career growth paths.