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1. What is the Program about?

The Mentoring Program is part of Mastering Product Leadership conference, 6th edition which will take place in May 2020 in San Francisco.

2. What are the timeframes for the Program?

Sign-ups to become mentor are opened now and continue till the end of march. Mentoring Sessions start during the conference, 12th of May and last for 3 consecutive months.

3. Who can become a Mentor?

If you are Product Leader with at least 7 years of experience as a Product Manager and Product Leader; have knowledge about challenges new Product Leaders face and frameworks that work to solve those problems; have passion for sharing your knowledge; would like to gain experience and skills as a mentor, the program is for you.

4. Do I need to have an experience as a Mentor?

No previous experience as a Mentor is required, although would be helpful. We provide Mentors with support and basic training on how to run mentoring sessions. It's good to have understanding though, what is the difference between mentoring and other forms of learning, like consulting, training, coaching.

5. Who verifies applications?

All applications to the Mentoring Program are verifies by Program Board. After submission, you will get contact from one of Board Members with feedback and information about further steps.

6. Who can be a mentee?

Mentees are participants of the Conference and Workshops sign-up for this edition of Mastering Product Leadership program.


Gain experience as a Mentor

By being a Mentor you also grow and gain new leadership skills. By mentoring someone from outside of your organization you also need to learn and adapt to transfer your knowledge.

Gain exposure as an expert - Product Leader

Show your expertise and passion for sharing knowledge among hundreds of Product Manager and Product Leaders that will have access to the Mentoring Program.

Take part in Product Leadership Conference free of cost

As a Mentor, you receive a Conference Ticket for Mastering Product Leadership conference that will take place on 12-13th of May 2020.

Meet new people

Enter space where other product leaders share their knowledge and connect. Meet people who inspire you and be inspiration and role model for others.

How the Mentoring Program looks like?

You run up to 10 mentoring sessions; Each is a 1-1 session; 60 min long; Place and time individually chosen - also remote

Mentees can see your profile on Program platform, book a session with you and continue up to 10 sessions in total.

If you would like to know more about mentoring as a method, watch this video by Dr John Scherer - a famous leadership mentor

Mentoring is a way to transfer your knowledge into someone else experience. It helps identify the core of a problem and look at it from the third persons perspective.

Step by step process

1. Check if it's for you

Get acquainted with the rules, terms and conditions for Mentors

2. Sign up

Sign up for the Product Leadership Mentoring Program as a mentor

3. We will reach out

Wait till we will contact you to confirm your participation!

Share your experience and gain new skills as a Mentor

While sharing your experience and expertise as part of the Leadership Program, you also grow and gain news skills as a coach, mentor and leader.