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Adam Kądziela

S-Labs, Head of Product

I always try to make products that besides making profits will make this world a little better. For some time now my domain is energy efficiency, first, it was LED technology and cutting energy usage of lamps and now with S-Labs, it’s about changing of the behaviour of users. I’m very creative yet still on the ground when working on new ideas or business models. When working on an innovative product I treat research on new knowledge as a part of the product design process. As a product manager, I have gathered experience in different industries FMCG, automotive and IT. Who can benefit from my knowledge?Product managers and product owners, investors, developers, people from sales and marketing. My ideal audience is open minded and multidisciplinary.What are your main fields of expertise?Market analysis skills and creativity mixed with experience in getting things done is my biggest asset. I had also multidisciplinary education electronics, psychology and business.