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Aditya Agashe

Product Manager, Microsoft

Aditya is a Product Manager at Microsoft and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, “Swipe to Unlock: The Insider’s Guide to Technology and Business Strategy.” Experience: Aditya works in product management, wrote a best-selling book on understanding the current technology landscape + the business strategies that companies are using to compete, and started his own company that helps clients analyze business models and ideas in emerging technologies. Main fields of expertise: As a product manager, author and CEO, Aditya is always in touch with a diverse set of people/organizations – from students to executives and from startups to fortune 500 companies.

He has a strong understanding of the market trends, what emerging technologies are real vs. which are hyped up (i.e. what the real use cases are), and how to strategically enter these new markets. Who might benefit from his knowledge? Professionals looking to see and understand emerging technology, how startups and big companies are entering these markets to augment their existing products (and how to think about crafting these business strategies), and where the market/industry is heading.