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Andy Woynarowski – Program Board

99grit – Product Strategy Evangelist


Creative director, determinist, leader and artist. Fascinated with Design Thinking, User Experience Design, Visual Design as well as Concept Art. Worked as Head of Service Design capability of Deloitte Digital Central Europe. A great follower of simplifying the approach which in effect delivers simpler products. CEO of 99grit – the creative agency changing the landscape of digital innovation in Europe. Andy spent 4 years in UK (Scotland) and a year on a motorcycle journey through South America and the US. He’s a keen photographer, filmmaker, musician and a traveller. He’s planning another motorcycle journey to Vladivostok next year as well as growing his company.


I’ve spent my time as: Graphic Designer User Experience Designer User Experience Manager Head of Service Design and Creative Director None of the above really matter. They’re just labels. I’m doing everything I can to maximize the value I bring within the short time we all have. I really believe that having talent is nothing compared to the perseverance and hard work that needs to go with it. I’ve led teams, companies, big digital transformation projects – I delivered one of the biggest insurance digital transformation projects in Europe – worth approx. 25 million EUR – comprising User Experience Design, Visual Design and Creative Direction – over 1600 UX/UI interface designs, 1,200,000 lines of source-code and 750 people involved in the project. I’ve cooperated with organizations like Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) to change the face of healthcare in Poland.

Who can benefit from Andy’s knowledge?

People who want to create great work and “know that the only way to do great work is to love that you do. So if you haven’t found it yet – keep looking and don’t settle.”(Steve Jobs)

What are Andy’s main areas of expertise?

He combines many areas of expertise that tries to build into a powerful design package: Graphic/Visual/Motion Design Experience Design (both User Experience and Service Design) Design Thinking with my own twist on it Concept Art Photography and Film