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Edyta Korona

Program Director

Edyta is a psychologist and Product Manager with wast practical experience in tech companies. Over the years, she played various roles, starting from product manager of an L&D platform and intranet, to becoming an organizational psychologist and learning and development expert for innovation teams. Now at Product Dojo she runs products and programs, helping our customers build extraordinary product teams, product processes and product culture.

In the space of Learning and Development, Edyta is a trained and experienced facilitator, coach, business trainer and program manager, running multiple programs (internal and opened) for companies and hiring experts for OD projects. Operating mostly on a strategic level, she is an advisor, coach or program manager for C- level executives and their product teams. Working for many years with investors and mentoring high-potential startups including Google startup ecosystem, she gained broad business understanding and flexibility to navigate on international markets. 

She is also involved in non-profit work on helping spread knowledge on social psychology in the workplace and everyday life as Advisory Board Member of Heroic Imagination Project founded and led by Professor Philip Zimbardo and as a Mentor at Google Launchpad.

Edyta is a certified International Coach Federation coach (with over 1200 hours of practice) and certified Hogan Assessment Systems talent consultant (with over 90 clients that has worked on their individual learning paths with Edyta). She believes that each person is a work in progress and that our true talents are not yet discovered.

Mentoring sessions on topics like: Leadership Development, L&D Efficiency Programs for Product Organizations, L&D Excellence