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Elżbieta Cwynar-Budzińska

Coaching, Trainer and Co-owner at BCB Szkolenia

About:Elżbieta is a trainer and a coach and works extensively in the field of personal development. She specializes in soft skills trainings for managers, leaders and teams. Elżbieta uses her psychology and sociology background as well as many years of experience to convey great amounts of professional knowledge in a clear manner. In her work, she uses a variety of tools to increase participants’ potential and creativity and to improve their effectiveness. Experience:Elżbieta provided over 11,000 hours of training and over 500 hours of coaching. She specializes in the development of leadership and communication skills and supports team’ work through facilitation and conflict resolution. She conducts coaching sessions as well as Action Learning sessions and has experience in managing the organization and working in an international environment. Elżbieta focuses on authenticity and partnership approach and cares about the maximum practicality of the classes.Target audience:Anyone who helps teams to achieve the best results: scrum masters, leaders, etc.Main fields of expertise:Communication skills and team work.