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Felipe Castro

OKR Trainer, Speaker, Author, Evangelist

About Felipe Castro is a trainer, speaker, author, and business advisor. He helps companies align around the outcomes they want to achieve by adopting OKR, Silicon Valley’s iterative approach to goals. Felipe has helped some of the world’s leading companies become more adaptive and focused. After training thousands of individuals, Felipe created the OKR Cycle, an actionable tool to avoid OKR’s most common pitfalls. Felipe is the author of the upcoming book Align: How to drive business outcomes with OKR.

Who can benefit from Felipe’s knowledge?

The primary goal of Felipe’s workshops is to provide a reliable source of OKR knowledge and practice that will be of value to anyone who attends them —from executives to coders, and from experienced OKR users to newbies.

What are Felipe’s main areas of expertise?

He combines his background in different areas of expertise to build a powerful framework to help people succeed with OKR: goal setting, performance management, engineering, HR, and product management.