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John Einar Sandvand

Communications Manager for product and tech at Schibsted Media Group

About:Experienced media manager working for the leading Scandinavian media group, Schibsted. Journalist by background, but has worked with digital product development and communications in different capacities for the last 12 years.
Passionate amateur photographer. Experience:John has extensive experience from the media business. He has worked for the most of his career at Schibsted – the owner of the largest media houses in Norway and Sweden. His professional experience can roughly be divided into three parts: Journalist and editor – he has worked for 12 years in different positions for Norway´s largest newspaper Aftenposten, including being correspondent in Asia (based in Hong Kong) and assistant managing editor.Digital product development – he was in charge of setting up successful online sites about travel, cars and food for five leading Norwegian newspapers. He has also worked as digital media strategist and was responsible for setting up Schibsted´s tech hub in Krakow, Poland.Communications management – he has worked in communications, promoting his company internally and externally. His current position is a communications manager for product and tech at Schibsted Media. Target audience:Product managers and others interested in how to best set up teams across locations or in communication strategies. Main fields of expertise:Extensive experience in the media business as well as within journalism, digital product development, management, near-shoring, content marketing, etc.