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Katarzyna Gawlik

Experience Design Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital

About: For the past 15 years, Kasia has been working with users that are in the heart of every project decision, starting from strategic ones and ending at the tiniest details. She is a qualified business consultant, strategist and researcher, trainer and facilitator with a strong focus on experience design and design thinking processes.

Experience: As a researcher, Kasia has trained herself in asking right questions to the right people at the right moment. As a business trainer and facilitator, she has learned how to communicate effectively and lead the group to the success by collaboration.As a consultant, she has learned to understand business within a wide range of industries and with diversified stakeholders. As a leader of teams and organizations, she has developed skills of engaging and motivating the people.

Who can benefit from Kasia’s Knowledge? Anyone who manages any design or development processes and wants to make sure that his/her job will be loved by the end users.

Main fields of expertise: Research (based on anthropological perspective) merged with a good understanding of business.