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Lynn Skotnitsky

Leadership Coach & Community Developer

Lynn Skotnitsky is a Solution-Focused Coach, an adult educator, and a researcher with two decades of experience in development consulting in Canada and abroad. For Lynn, the essence of coaching is supporting people to shift from analyzing problems to focusing their energies on the results they want instead. This applies to supporting an individual on the road to personal mastery, assisting an organization to bond as a community, or empowering a community to draw on the assets of its people.

Lynn has designed and led a variety of workshops, group projects, multi-stakeholder consultations, and planning sessions for organizations, working in areas as diverse as health care, autism training, neighborhood planning, governance, tourism, financial services, cross-cultural adaptation, and professional coach training.

Her communication style is energetic, inclusive, creative, compassionate, and fun-loving. Participants often emerge from her sessions with fresh insights into their personal learning styles, confidence in newly-developed skills, and inspiration that comes from deep engagement with a community of learners. Deeply committed to strengthening communities, Lynn has served as a volunteer director on the boards of non-profit organizations and participated in many committees and coalitions working on social innovation.