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Michał Olszewski

UX Team Leader at

About:Michał is a Senior UX Designer and currently a Team Leader at – the biggest e-commerce site in CEE. He enjoys simple things, so he tends to keep his design process as simple as possible. His goal is to enhance the user experience, not to fall into the never-ending loop of drawing and brainstorming.Experience:Michał has 8 years of experience as a UX Designer (back in the day, when they were still called Usability Specialists). He has worked for both agencies and the biggest polish e-commerce sites. He has been working at since 2013. Main fields of expertise:Michał works on quite big products for millions of users. He has experience of coordinating the process of UX development of a product that has more than fifty in-house stakeholders.Who can benefit from his knowledge?UX Designers, Product Managers and other product people, especially those who work on one product.