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Piotr Prokopowicz

Co-Founder at Freenovation, Researcher at Culture Lab

About:Piotr is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, bestselling author, award-winning educator and management science geek. He researches how people, organizations, cultures, and innovation work, and then writes and talks about it.Piotr specializes in how leadership and organizational culture work together to drive innovation and organizational performance. He does a lot of keynote speaking, training and consulting, but his primary focus is on management research and evidence-based practice. Piotr has a PhD in sociology and MA in psychology, and with his practical experience as a business owner and a sharp focus on data, he succeeds everyday in bridging the gap between research and implementation. Experience:Piotr’s experiences range from managing a gamification consulting company to researching competency supply and demand in one of the most competitive markets in Poland, to teaching Organizational Behavior at one of the most dynamic business schools in Germany, to authoring a book about evidence-based recruitment and selection, to developing strategy for one of the best educational institutions in Central Europe, to leading a punk rock band. It is this broad scope of challenges he faces and overcomes that enable him to explore new horizons, help people and organizations to reach new levels of performance, and ultimately, make a difference.