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Seweryn Rudnicki

Freenovation, AGH Lecturer

Seweryn is a social scientist excelling in the field of innovation studies and an assistant professor at the AGH University of Science and Technology. He is a co-founder and partner at Freenovation – a consultancy using science to help organizations build innovation cultures that foster autonomy, creativity, and growth. Seweryn is also an enthusiast and certified trainer of design thinking – a highly practical, user-centred method of developing new products and services. Seweryn deeply believes that to innovate teams and organizations need to become environments that embrace ambiguity and increase autonomy in a controllable way. As a trainer, researcher and facilitator he has 12 years of experience, helping organizations like PZU, Tesco, Motorola Solutions, Brainly, VML, TNS Polska, S4, Schulz, Union Investment, PostMaster, Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Krakow Technology Park and many others.