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Werner Puchert

Digital Marketing Strategy, Experience Design Director, Facilitator, Content Producer, Podcast Host

Werner Puchert is an Ex-Deloitte hotshot, devoted father and dispenser of both words of wisdom and humour. He spends most of his time in Poland these days, even though he hails from South Africa. His current projects include a podcast, a book, a business and an extraordinary conference at a castle. Sadly, all this pales when compared to his waistcoats, but that has to be experienced in person. To be honest so does Werner.

He has led Creative and User Experience teams and worked on several Mobile and Digital Transformation Strategies. In 2015 he contributed to launching the first Deloitte Digital in Central Europe and went on to established his own design consultancy in 2018 to grow a practice focused on unlocking the transformational potential of experience design.