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Zuzanna Kulej

Technical Product Manger


Sr Technical Product Manager at GE Healthcare. Currently focused on product development in Global Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management area. She owns 3 internal applications, each in a different lifecycle stage (Discovery/Development, Maturity and Renewal). She tends to challenge the status quo and be a change agent. She enjoys problem solving and working in a team environment. Zuza is interested in exploring communication techniques to minimise tensions, which always occur while working with people. Zuza’s education background is „Automatics and Robotics” and „Programming Mobile Devices”. She also studied „Management and Production Engineering”, where she acquired business and management foundries. Zuza has a drop from an activist in her soul and prefers to be „too busy” rather than „not busy enough”. That is why she was strongly involved in a student union, co-founded TEDxAGHUniversity and Krakow Enterprise Mondays meetups. During university time she won an international hackton with a group of friends and founded a start-up, which thought her better understanding of MVP, NPI, VCs, but mainly what NOT to do 🙂 In spare time she loves to travel, ski and DYI projects. She reads a lot of nonfiction books. Recently discovered her new passions – surfing and French.

Every organisation has own understanding „What Does a Product Manager Do”. Usually it is a mix of UX, Business and Technology. So what exactly is Zuza doing?

„Everything I do is to maximise value. But what is value in internal solutions as you can’t easily translate it into sales? Well, it depends. So how do I maximise this vague value? Usually by building the right mix of problem understanding, technical expertise and effective communication to eliminate delays in development process due to lack or unclear requirements.”

Where Zuza can help you?

Managing and developing internal solutions in large organisations. Organising work with remote teams and stakeholders.