Mentoring Sessions start during the Mastering Product Leadership, 27th of October and last till 31st of December.  

1-on-1 Product Marketing UX Design Mentoring


Fill in an application, and if you’re a match with your chosen mentor you can start your free trial conversation or sign up for mentoring sessions

Mentoring is a way to transfer your knowledge into someone else experience. It helps identify the core of a problem and look at it from the third person’s perspective.


then it's time to find a mentor!

How does it work?

In the whole mentoring program there will be up to 10 mentoring sessions. Each session is a 1-1 remote conversation which lasts 60 minutes.

Growth is not easy and takes time. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. The road to career success is often difficult and distressing. But imagine how much easier it would be if you had an experienced product management leader available anytime to offer advice.

We are aware of it and we’re looking forward to helping you. On our mentoring platform we can provide you one-on-one conversations with experienced mentors and manage your business with ease end to end. Gain access to personalized guidance to reach your goals and dreams.

Our offer

With a direct one-on-one conversations, you’ll be able to ask questions and discuss your progress. Do you have a quick challenge or problem you’re working through? Get quick advice during a call or by dropping a message.  (to była wcześniejsza propozycja z tym call i message, póki co może tego nie dodawaj, ale zostawie tutaj bo chce jeszcze z Edyta porozmawiać)

Your mentor can set challenges and goals to keep you motivated. By raising the bar with each task, your mentor will help you grow professionally and personally.  

Learn how to receive effective feedback from your team, and keep improving your leadership potential.  

If you are facing a log-jam and don’t know how to work it out, a face to face call would be a perfect solution. Your mentor can help you look at things differently.

How does the process of looking for a mentor look like?

Firstly set up a profile on our website. Update your profile – who you are, what are your goals and expectations. This information will show your mentor what kind of help you need.

After setting and uploading your profile you can read profiles of mentors. You will choose a right person once mentor’s profile find your expectations.

After finding a right mentor reach out to him by sending a message. Wait until you get a feedback. Schedule a proper date and start conversation. See if this is the right mentor for you.

Now you’ve found your mentor. Ask questions. Share. Listen. You may find the relationship takes you further than you ever imagined.

Our Mentors come from some of the world's best companies


Arjun Saksena

Product Management Mentor, Co-founder, VP Product, GrowthSimple, Inc.

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