Product management is a critical area for many companies, especially for those operating in the field of IT, industrial production or FMCG. Technologies are born and die out; team dynamics fluctuate with adjustments in team composition; society changes and new business opportunities emerge unexpectedly. People working on products, such as product managers or product owners, as well as their counterparts bearing other titles, face issues beyond their experience and existing knowledge.
To make a product and their company successful, they need to hone their expertise not only in technology, marketing, sales or business models. All of the above are often said to be the elements of product development. However, to succeed in product management they also have to learn how to coordinate the work of many teams, how to use their research capabilities and how to build great experience and relationships, not only for the intermediaries and vendors, but also for the end users of the product.

Here come the Product Development Days, providing answers to those needs on many levels.

Our experts will discuss subjects connected to product development and product management as they see them in their daily work and research. Starting from designing great products from scratch all the way to implementing changes in the existing and established products, in order to let them meet the needs of new customers. We will discuss how to develop products to be successful on many markets, in many languages and answering the needs of a variety of clients. We will look for an answer to the question how to research what customers and clients on B2B market desire and are willing to pay for. How to manage to keep the cost levels low while increasing the existing revenue and creating new revenue streams. How to build and coordinate work of many teams, working very often remotely and struggling with cultural differences? How to manage the expectations of customers and stakeholders in the same time?

You will learn how to

• develop business models and products to let you meet the needs of new generations of customers
• increase the income from existing products using cutting edge technologies and new marketing tools
• employ the best User Experience practices and build great experience, based on needs of customers and met the stakeholders expectations
• keep the cost low and offer the high quality product at the same time
• diversify the sources of income
• pick, manage and support your teams effectively
• build modern, innovative products and services, which give a great experience to their users

We are focused on 3 topics

which are crucial to Product Development

The Product

Strategy of Product Development, Agile Toolbox, Product Management, Life Cycle & Marketing, Value propositions, Development Roadmaps, Feedback loops, App developers as Product managers


The Team

Communication, Leadership, Coaching, Talent Management, Managing a Team through lifecycle of product development, Knowledge transfer within teams, Empowering teams, Attract and Retain your team


The Experience

User Experience, Design Thinking, UI, Design, User research, Lean UX