The Age of Product Has Come: a Path to CPO

SC MoattiManaging partner at Mighty Capital | Founder at Products That Count | Lecturer at Stanford

About the Presentation:

This new decade marks the dawn of an era where the best product wins. Yet while product teams are increasingly becoming a competitive advantage, product leaders are still rarely invited into the C-Suite. Time for a change! Join product veteran and Products That Count founder SC Moatti for a discussion on ways product leaders can join, shape and ultimately drive the product conversation and earn their spot at the C-suite table.

About the Speaker:

SC Moatti is the founder of Products That Count, one of the largest global networks of product leaders, and the managing partner of Mighty Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Previously, she built products that billions of people use at Facebook, Nokia and Electronic Arts. Andrew Chen, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, called SC “a genius at making mobile products people love.” For more information, visit

October 28, 2020 09:00 am PDT October 28, 2020 09:45 am PDT