Product Backstage 05: How to measure the success of a Product? Interview with Pete Sinclair - Investor and CEO of

In this episode, we are exploring what are the essential metrics to track the success of a product.

We are talking with Pete Sinclair, product leader, investor and currently CEO of – an ultimate platform to measure and track the growth of products. Obo is an early-stage company dedicated to helping product teams create successful, market-first products by validating ideas before beginning development.  With Obo, product teams can manage their feature funnel, validate assumptions with targeted market research, model “what if” release plan scenarios, collaborate, and track product decisions. And yes – is it possible? Check out the interview to learn more.

A bit more about Pete:

Prior to Obo, Pete was a venture capitalist and co-founder of Leapfrog Ventures, a firm with an investment focus on enterprise software and computing. Before that, Pete was an operating executive at both large and small companies.  He was CEO of and successfully sold companies to Microsoft, Novell, and Adobe Systems, and participated in two IPOs. Pete has raised money from and worked for some of the top venture capital firms.

Pete started his career in Product Management with Hewlett-Packard and was a Product Marketing Manager at Apple Computer when it was still a small private company. The group he ran reported to Steve Jobs, who was in charge of marketing at the time.

Pete is a Silicon Valley native. He has a BS in Engineering from MIT and is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business’s Executive Program. Pete has served as the mayor of the Town of Woodside, CA.  He is an avid pilot and flies a high-performance pressurized plane that he built in his garage.

In this interview we asked Pete about the ways to measure the success of a product; what are the most common challenges product teams encounter on their product adventure, how to optimize team’s efforts while building a product. This and more in this episode!

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