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webinar with

Dr. John J. Scherer


June 2nd, 10:30 AM PST

Topic: Leadership in this time of crisis - The Adventus Process

with Dr. John J. Scherer

Times of crisis are a test of leadership. This is when true leaders are differentiated from people just playing a role. 

When COVID-19 kept spreading and the lock-down was already for 8 weeks in Poland, an HR Director in Warsaw asked Dr. John Scherer if he had anything that might be helpful to their 4,000 employees spread across Poland who were sitting at home, depressed and scared about the future. 

That request triggered the realization that there were MILLIONS of people all over the world in lock-down having a similar experience. The planning group of around 40 men and women colleagues came from 14 countries, making it a truly global effort. The result is The Adventus Initiative – a framework that helps leaders (and their people) embrace uncertainty and seize the moment to break old patterns and embed new ways of getting things done.

About The Guest

Dr. John J. Scherer

Founder & President, Scherer Leadership Center

Dr John J. Scherer (SLC Founder & President) As a former Combat Officer on a US Navy Destroyer, Lutheran Chaplain at Cornell University, Gestalt and Family Systems Therapist, Graduate School co-creator, author, successful change consultant and entrepreneur, John brings a unique perspective to his life and work. Business and community leaders from 42 nations have graduated from his Executive and Leadership Development Intensives.

John is the creator of hundreds of articles and online media, including The Scherer Leadership Report, and is author of Work and the Human Spirit (1993), FiveQuestions that Change Everything (2008), and the recent Polish version, Wiser at Work: Five Questions that Change the Way You Lead (2012). A prodigious writer, his work has been translated into 15 languages.

We are fortunate to have with us one of the living experts on the deep development of leaders and the Action Research approach to facilitating change. He is known around the world for his ability to connect with leaders and front-line staff in bringing about profound individual breakthroughs and workplace-wide transformations. A father of four ‘wonderfully grown and gifted artistic’ children, he runs, does yoga, still performs the occasional magic show, and loves to read a good spy novel.

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