Product Management MasterClass Program

· July 20, 2020

About the Program

A Personalized, 6 – week PM Program for High Potential Product Teams. PM program is designed to help Product Management Teams be more effective in their organization. It helps to advance Product Management skills to the next level, irrespective of the current state of knowledge.

It provides the opportunity to unify frameworks and practices applied across the whole product team. Designed and run from Silicon Valley – global center of product innovation.

What we will learn together

  • We work on your company’s desired outcomes and scope the program so that we could deliver them
  • Close collaboration with internal sponsors of the change that stand behind the program
  • We help prepare the group for the collaboration, 1-1 and group introductory sessions are included.
  • 6 – week intense program, with regular check-ins with group leaders.
  • Additional sessions with leaders and sponsors to make sure the outcomes meet if not exceed expectations.

For whom it is designed

  • The Program is designed for experienced Product Managers and Product Leaders.
  • It has been build from the ground up to address issues faced by Product Managers today.
  • We demonstrate how frameworks can be applied to your challenges, and provide methods to drive an outcome oriented team culture.

Workshop Instructor

Arjun Saksena
Arjun Saksena Product Management Mentor, Co-founder, VP Product, GrowthSimple, Inc.

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Instructor: Arjun Saksena

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