Facing The Tiger. Leadership in Times of Crisis

· July 20, 2020

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Founder & President, Scherer Leadership Center

About the program

Covid has turned the world upside down. Every, team, company–even every relationship–has been impacted. There will be no ‘re-set’, no ‘back to the way it was’. If so, then having a sustainable team, company or relationship will depend on its capacity to adapt (change), which means this crisis creates an opportunity to make all the changes you have been wanting for a long time. And that takes a certain kind of leadership skill–and way of thinking–that I call ‘Facing the Tiger’.

What participants will learn

  • How to ‘Face your Tigers’ and what happens when you don’t
  • Discover your ‘default’ tiger-facing approach and what could work better
  • Try on ‘Adaptive Leadership’, a much-needed approach to crisis and change
  • Learn and practice the ‘Adventus Process’ which helps you CREATE the future, rather than waiting for things to ‘go back to the way they were’


  • Facing the Tiger
  • The Seven F’s (What is your ‘default’ and where do you need to ‘stretch’?)
  • WHAT changes when things change: The Waterline and The Funnel
  • HOW change happens: Lewin’s Three-Phase Process
  • WHERE change needs to happen: Force Field Analysis
  • Facilitating Change: Adaptive Leadership
  • Application to your real-world situations

For whom it is designed

  • Business (C-Level executives in large or corporate organizations)
  • Product ManagersProduct Teams
  • Anyone facing the need to facilitate change in their (human) system

Workshop Instructor

John Scherer
John Scherer Founder & President, Scherer Leadership Center

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Instructor: John Scherer

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