Signals to Strategy: Navigating an uncertain future

· September 29, 2020

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Leader at Corporate Accelerator Forum, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategist

CAF leader Diana Joseph hosts an open workshop at Product Development Days – Signals to Strategy: Navigating an uncertain future. If you want to improve the ways you work on your strategy, join this rich in content, 4 – hour session.

About the program:

Let’s face it – things have changed. What will you do about it? Double-down on what you’ve been doing all along? Hunker down and wait for things to return to normal? Or will you adapt — changing your business significantly in light of new opportunities and challenges?

As much as we’d all like to be certain of what happens next — any choice you make is an experiment.

In this active, hands-on virtual workshop series, you will join with other entrepreneurs to think through what current changes mean for your business going forward.

What we will learn together

– How to identify signals, and extrapolate their consequences
– How to shape your system in the direction you want it to go, through frequent, lightweight experiments
– How to influence your stakeholders around the key needs of your work.


Signals and Consequences:
– Revisit your vision and mission – why are you in this game, and who are you serving?
– Identify signals – changes happening in the world of your business, that can give you a hint about what might come next.
– Explore potential consequences of these signals – where are we going from here?
– Sketch a causal chain between the signals you see, and the mission you aim to achieve.

Shaping the system:
– Sketch out the system in which you work. What must change for your work to thrive?
– How can you influence that change?
– Identify the most powerful hypothesis for testing
– Design a business experiment to shed light on your question

– Who are your stakeholders? What do they need? What pressures do they face in their role in the system?
– Develop a strategy canvas, the Innovation Dashboard (Boni & Joseph) to guide the work of aligning with your stakeholders – adjusting your position to fit what is meaningful to your stakeholders, and influencing them to move in the direction of the ideas you have identified as meaningful

For whom it is designed

  • Heads of product
  • Intrapreneurs
  • Corporate innovators
  • Entrepreneurs to whom organization strategy is dear and crucial

To request a discount for Diana’s workshop or for the entire conference, use the code DianaWorkshop when registering.

Workshop Instructor

Diana Joseph
Diana Joseph Leader at Corporate Accelerator Forum, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategist

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Instructor: Diana Joseph

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